Authenticity Matters

At Helix Labz, we take pride in our commitment to delivering 100% Genuine products to our valued customers. Our dedication to product authenticity is unwavering, and we want you to have complete confidence in the items you purchase from us. Here's how we ensure the authenticity of our products:


  • Products are delivered directly to customers from the Helixlabz warehouse.
  • Helixlabz directly purchases stock from manufacturers and authorised suppliers.
  • Every significant brand and distributor has approved Helixlabz as an authorised merchant.
  • Manufacturer information is either printed on the label of imported products or is indicated by a company label.
  • Expiry Date and Batch Number are printed on the products.
  • Every order includes a Retail Tax Paid Invoice.



At, we maintain a high standard of quality during the sourcing and distribution of supplements in an effort to supply our consumers with 100% original products.

We invest a lot of effort and resources into making sure that our supply chain is spotless and that you always receive the proper products. You may depend on us to always fulfil the promises that we established above.


When it comes to Nutritional Foods, we could not find a good and trusted brand or a multi-brand store, with the right products and at the right price since all major players were a marketplace with low reliability and trust!

We solved this problem by developing a multi-brand store on a Direct to Customer model, got certified by all the brands along with developing our own Helixlabz brand products.

Today, we have found huge success by solving this problem. We’re proud of it, and will continue to innovate and bring exciting products that help our customers become a better version of themselves.